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Theory LoopAs a firearms instructor, theories get tested on an almost daily basis.  One particular theory that was tested at my place of work was the effects of sight alignment on effective target engagement.  Those of us involved, tested shooting a firearm at different angles, with a conventional grip, and even upside down.  We concluded that regardless how you manipulate the weapon, as long as you maintain that quality sight alignment you are going to hit the target relatively close to where you were aiming.

Sight AlignmentThe type of research method we used was correlational research to gain the answers to the questions we were seeking. We looked at the what information we were tying to gather and added things such as different grips, different positions, differing types of trigger manipulation all while keeping the one constant, sight alignment.  Being able to add or take away different factors while keeping the constant, allowed us to test the theory.  The way we went about getting the answers to our questions are very similar to how a psychologist goes about getting their answers.  If someone is doing research about a specific thought or idea, one of the best ways to get an answer is to add outside or different stimuli to the research subject or topic and see the effect it has on the subject matter.  Seeing the change or lack there of, in the subject, will help you to fully understand your theory.

Sight PictureUnder the circumstances, I think the way we went about testing our theory was a success.  The one thing that I would consider adding to the research is a wider research study base.  We used shooters of similar backgrounds and abilities.  I would expand that out to a larger scale of the shooting community.  I would get more data from novice to expert shooters for a better representation of the bigger picture as a whole.



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