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I would like to reach out to my readers. 2013 is almost half over, and would like to know what training you have taken, or what you are planning on taking. Pistol? Rifle? Shotgun? All of the above?

What are your plans for training?

Stay safe…



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The ICON Training Academy is proud to announce our first training course of 2013.  Experience contemporary training delivered by instructors that don’t teach “theory” but are actively involved in the art of Executive Protection, working the craft day in and day out around the world.

Course Dates:  

January 16-20, 2013 (5 Day Celebrity & VIP Protection)

January 21-30, 2013 (10 Day Advanced Executive Protection)

Take your training to the next level.

Until next time,

Stay Safe…


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I just had the honor of finishing up 15 days of instruction with both the ICON Celebrity and VIP Protection Course and the Advanced Executive Protection course. It was 15 days of long hours and hard work.  I could ONLY imagine what the students felt like!  Here are some pictures of what went down!

Until next time,

Stay Safe…

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This is day two of the ICON Celebrity and VIP Protection Course in full effect.  Lots of studying and I know for a fact we are cramming their brains FULL of information… Hopefully they don’t crap it all out!


Until next time,

Stay Safe…

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Here comes the countdown to the next ICON Celebrity and VIP Protection Course.  A fast paced, in depth training course that will challenge everyone from the beginner to the expert!  Take a look at what Elijah and the crew are doing over at ICON…

Until next time,

Stay Safe…

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Elijah Shaw is a friend and mentor of mine in this industry.  He actually assigned me my first Executive Protection detail way back in the day.  I still turn to him for advice and continuing training.  He is the tip of the spear in the bodyguard game!  And those of us that know him; we know he is a HUGE movie fan… So I couldn’t help but borrow this from him:  (click the link to his blog)



Top 10 Bodyguard Movies


Until next time,

Stay Safe…


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I was afforded the opportunity to run a GREAT pair of boots into the ground over the last few weeks.  Very solid and well made boot, but I will let you read my “official” review…

Under Armor Valsetz Tactical Hiking Boot (Black) Review:

Time of Test:

13 days (Feb. 24th to Mar 07th)



Events Conducted:

Standing (Long Duration)

40 Work Week Test

1-Mile Run

Water Proof Testing/ Cold Test

Ice and Snow Test

Ratings (1 to 10):

Fit:                                7

Comfort:                        9

Style:                            7

Breathability:                 8

Durability:                     10

Water Resistance:          1

Overall:                       7


The ratings and tests conducted are by no mean scientific!  I am just one guy who took a product and beat it up for 2 weeks.  Ran it through my everyday life and was asked to give a little feedback on what I think.  These are MY opinions on the UA Valsetz Tactical Hiking Boot (Black).

Fit for the most part is good.  I like the support that I get in the ankle and the heel cup.  The reason Fit got a 7 was I am not a fan of the lacing system on these boots.  I had to unlace the top eyelet so that I could actually tie them.  And attempting to draw the laces tight forced me to tighten each individual section and I couldn’t get them to STAY tight.  But once tied they stayed tied without double knots which is always a bonus.

I know they are still being broken in, but I took them to the torture chamber right out of the chute.  I worked an expo where I was on my feet a total of 15 hours.  It really felt like I was wearing a pair of tennis shoes (hence the Comfort rating of 9).  At the end of the expo my back was killing me, and usually it’s my feet that kill. (I have extremely flat feet and I suffer from Planter Fasciitis).  My feet felt amazing; boots are VERY light and VERY comfortable.

The look of the boot is cool, very tactical.  I like that!  The boots go very well with the everyday work that I do.  From the training classroom to the uneven environment of the outdoor range but I couldn’t pull off throwing on a pair of jeans and going out after! (Without some funny looks)  Also the polishing surface leaves a bit to be desired.  I know a lot of departments that have requirements on the publishable surface of their boots. And these particular boots fall short in that respect.

The lightweight mesh boot allows them to breathe quite well!  I did however get a case of the stink foot due to sweating feet (which isn’t the norm for me personally).  Still they aren’t as bad as some other boots I have had in the past and VERY manageable with the type of sock I wear so with that said I’m on board with that!  And the mess aids in the lightweight piece, which is worth its weight in gold.

I have only had them a week but I am BEATING these things up.  I ran in them for a mile at a moderate pace, taught an outdoor firearms class in the dead of winter, walk countless miles at work in a week, and kick things and drag my feet over everything I can get my feet on, constantly.  And to this point they have taken everything I can toss at them.  HUGE fan!

Waterproofness is an issue.  I went to do a dunk test (with my foot in the boot) and I didn’t even get the bucket filled and I ended the test.  I sprayed some water on the toe of the boot and my foot was instantly soaked.  NOT good.  It was fine for outdoors in the snow moving around but had I stepped in a puddle over the top of the sole it would have been frozen foot for me.  I expected a little more water resistance in the end.

All in all these are great boots.  They are comfortable and lightweight with the durability needed in a pair of boots that are going to be beat up on a daily basis.  If you are in a cold environment with the possibility of getting wet feet these may not be the right footwear for the job.  I would strongly suggest a pair to those in our business.  Great boot for the price point too!

Until next time,

Stay Safe…

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