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I was afforded the opportunity recently to attend a 4 Day Defensive Handgun Course at the world-famous Front Sight Firearms Resort (FS) outside of Las Vegas Nevada.  I took on the wind, rain, cold temperatures, and a relatively new shooting technique to become a better shooter and a stronger instructor.  I will definitely have to say; 4 days well spent!

It started early on Friday, with all the good stuff like range assignment and weapons inspection.  We all filed into the GIANT classroom where classroom instruction on safety and orientation began.  All great and needed, the one thing I wasn’t a fan of was what I felt was “brainwashing”.  Felt like someone was trying to get me to drink the FS cool aid.  I understand that they have a captive audience, but at the same time they hit you the entire 4 days.  From a training standpoint there might be such a thing as to BIG.  Just felt less than personal and a bit too much propaganda. (And that is all on day one)

We then got sent to our ranges.  All in all it’s a great facility with great instruction.  I truly like how all classes are on the same schedule.  We had three, 4-day defensive firearms classes going on all at the same time, and we were all shooting and receiving the lecture pieces all within a 3 to 5 minute window.  On the larger scale that is a must.  The instruction and shooting drills were high quality.

From a shooting style perspective they are a weaver school through and through.  I being a hardcore ISO shooter for various reasons (competition, military, close protection work, and being of the mindset that we should train with what the body in going to do naturally in a critical incident) I was a hard sell on the weaver for every aspect of what we were doing.  But being the good student I am; I stepped in line with the teaching and I did (for the most part) what was taught the way it was taught and I think it helped me as an instructor to see another side of this industry.  I now have a better understanding and I truly believe that I can deliver that to my students!

I don’t want to give away the farm, but all in all it was time well spent.  The course was a good one and I would recommend it to anyone interested in taking a course from FS.  Anytime you can get out there, put rounds down range and get some quality trigger time its ALWAYS time well spent!

Until next time,

Stay Safe…


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I have said it before, if you think you know everything and you have gotten all the training you need, then it’s time to get out of the industry.  This is an ongoing, ever-changing world and there is no such thing as enough training.  I have been at this for almost 15 years and I still seek out as much training as I can get.  Not only do you learn something, but it is a great networking opportunity and FUN!  Me getting off the soap box now 🙂 Take a look at there guys and gals and let me know if you think they NEED some more training!?!

Stay Safe.

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I have always been one to bridge the gap between form and function… But sometime it’s just TOO MUCH!

What do you think?

All in fun… If we can’t laugh at ourselves, who can we laugh at!

Stay Safe.

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If you are looking for basic firearms training or tactical pistol or rifle training then these are the guys to see.  They also have a Federal Firearms Licence and are full line Sig Sauer and Glock dealers.  If you are thinking about getting your MN conceal carry permit or a multi-state permit MN Firearms Training is a one stop shop!  Check them out at www.mnfirearms.com

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